Train Your Brain: Name it to Tame it

Want a quick tip to help rewire your brain to not be so stressed and anxious? Want to be more of a visionary? Tell me how do you feel right now? Here is the deal, when you are stressed your Amygdala is activated. This is keeping you stuck in fight, flight, or freeze mode. One... Continue Reading →

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Get the Monkey off Your Back

Last weekend I was sorting through old files and getting rid of crap. In one of those files I found a list of "Monkey Mind Symptoms" that came from the first life coach I ever hired over twelve years ago. Monkey Mind is a term coined by Buddhists referring to the self-limiting beliefs that run... Continue Reading →

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Overcoming Racism and Hate. Finding Peace…

You don't fight for peace, you peace for peace. This week I am facing a challenging and painful situation where my white, 7 year old daughter was tormented and called a racists by multiple classmates. (She doesn't even know what that means). My daughter was also blamed for something she didn't even say. No child... Continue Reading →

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Too Busy to Pay Attention?

"Practice the Pause" is a common phrase in practicing mindfulness. This quiet moment is space of empowerment. It is where your ego and its incessant desire to control can take a back seat AND instead you are blessed with being gracefully and intuitively guided. The answers you seek are there if you simply become quiet... Continue Reading →

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Time Does NOT Heal all Wounds

Not for one second do I believe that "time heals all wounds." This catchy, all too often used phrase, intended to pacify someone in pain simply isn't always true. True healing requires truth not time; truth about who you really are, truth about how you feel, truth about your relationships, and truth about your choices.... Continue Reading →

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Life Lessons: 14 Things I Now Know…

I am forever amazed at life's possibilities. The vast array of colorful experiences that create memories that offer you the opportunity for growth. I sit here this morning contemplating what I have learned in 44 years... Perfectionism is over rated. It's just a shield. AND there is no such thing anyway. Actions speak louder than... Continue Reading →

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Control Freak or Anxiety Ridden?

I'm not bossy and I'm not a control freak. I just have better ideas than you. Sometimes when people appear to be bossy or controlling there is more to the story... As child I remember being meticulous about things being in order. My clothes in my closet faced a certain direction and were hung colored... Continue Reading →

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Mind Management: Quick Tips to Change Your Mind

If you are feeling depressed you are living in the past. If you are feeling anxious you are living in the future. Are you aware of what you are thinking that is contributing to these feelings? There are some studies that suggest you may have 50,000 thoughts a day. Over achievers and perfectionist may have... Continue Reading →

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Stress LESS- Awareness and Mindful Self- Care

So you survived the stress of the holidays, your challenging co-workers and even your crazy family. In December I shared a skill set to help you reduce stress, create a healthier and happier life, and think more positively. I also shared that your power always lies in the present moment. It is in this moment... Continue Reading →

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With the holiday season officially over and the New Year fast approaching goal setting is a hot topic. It is almost common knowledge that January is the busiest month of the year for gym owners. Many of those gym goers are no longer making it to workout by the time March rolls around. (5 Steps... Continue Reading →

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Stress Relief THIS WAY

Holiday season... This beautiful time of the year brings with it some challenges. More money, more time, more work, crazy family, and more events scheduled on the calendar can all be a recipe for disaster and feeling stressed. I am confident you understand what I mean. However... What if I told you that at any... Continue Reading →

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Insight and Perspective=Empowerment

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein Meditate.No, it won't solve every problem, but you will gain insight and perspective and with that comes a new level of consciousness.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR SALES) Psychologists suggest that 80% of the time you are emotionally reacting to people and experiences... Continue Reading →

Do you emotionally react or consciously choose? Tips to develop emotional intelligence, resiliency, and compassion.

"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles, and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?" Lao Tzu Through mindfulness based practices you learn to cultivate curiosity and kindness through non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and even other people. This does not... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness Meditation

Meditation for forgiveness of self and others? Recently I was asked to speak on forgiveness and how it relates to healing and well-being. I was also asked to lead a meditation. I offered several suggestions and I thought you would benefit from this specific practice because even if you don't care about meditation you can do... Continue Reading →

Don’t Manage, Monitor Your Mind. MIND HACK.

MIND HACK TOOL AT THE END!About thirteen years ago I took my first "meditation" class, The Silva Life System. The course was originally called "Silva Mind Training." During the initial weekend I kept having thoughts. I expressed my frustration to Father Justin, the instructor. He replied; "Well, Amy, I have been teaching this for forty years and... Continue Reading →

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