Why a wellness business?

amorrison23As a child I was fascinated by the medical community.  I remember watching the show Emergency when I was only three.  It was about paramedics and firemen:  Johnny, Roy, and Captain.  I even namned my fish after them and my parents sent me birthday cards with stickers from them for years.  I collected doctor supplies and asked for medical books.  I wrapped sprained ankles and made strips out of  bandages for cuts.  I believed I would be a doctor whenI grew up.

During college I was torn between my fascination with medicine and my love of the arts and of literature.  Chemistry challenged me and english and literature came naturally.  I contemplated teaching as opposed to medical school. Then, when I was twenty my mother died of cancer. She had been diagnosed with cancer when I was seventeen and then diagnosed with cancer again when I was twenty.  She died four months later, but not without a tremendous fight.  My fascination ended.  The magic and the power extinguished after watching what my mother endured.  She chose that treatment because she believed it was the only way and she wanted to be alive to finish raising her four children.

My life took a totally new direction after that.  During this time I  developed many chronic health issues: Interstitsial Cystitis, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and countless other issues. Fortunately none of these would kill me, just make me miserable and affect my ability to live day to day.  Doctors discounted me and became frustrated when their tests and prescriptions failed.

Eventually I became so sick that I could not get out of bed to care for my child.  That day changed my life forever.  I began a quest to find the answers and to heal my body.  I searched for information and looked in places I didn’t know existed before that day. I found that your body has an innate ability to heal itself  if you treat it properly and if you remove whatever is interfering with healing.

While I was doing all of this research I discovered that I am passionate about healing. I am passionate about learning about the various ways to heal.  Here was the answer I was looking for in college.  The universe has a way of showing you where you should be if you pay attention.  I was not supose to be a doctor, I had zero math ability. I was not supose to be a college professor, I was obsessed with healing.  I was supose to educate on wellness!!

With this  revelation I began pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health.  I became certified in EFT and EMF.  I became a certified personal trainer. I am also a  Silva and Ultra Silva mind training/meditation graduate. I decided I should make money doing what I love and what I was meant to do. Why shouldn’t you?


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