Women’s Fitness Concepts to Consider

The average women’s body fat is around 28%, it should be closer to 19%

Women notoriously give lack of time as the reason for not exercising.  You actually add years to your life through fitness which actually means you get more time with your children and you will be playing on the floor with your grandchildren AND feeling good.

A lot of women are clueless on what to do. Personal trainers are trained to teach you and truly want to help you. Women are always on machines or doing cardio. If you want nice legs you have to do lunges and squats.  If you want to fix that post baby belly you have to do core exercises.  You can implement these in many ways but as simply as standing on a bosu ball while lifting weights. Don’t like the gym? Don’t have any equipment at home? You can do body weight exercises like bear crawls and push ups. Women need resistance training because it increases the amount of bone deposits and could help prevent osteoporosis.

You actually alter your brain chemistry when you exercise.  Your brain produces those feel good neurotransmitters such as serotonin.  Prozac is fake serotonin.

Breast cancer can be prevented by diet and exercise.

Exercise helps us chronically sleep deprived mothers sleep better,

AND it gets us into our “skinny” jeans.

This list is simply a small piece of the benefits if exercise.


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