amorrison22The hype on the H1N1 vaccination has brought vaccination debate within my life recently.  One example being my husband telling me that everyone has the “swine flu” so doctors are no longer even going to test for it, but everyone should get the vaccination.  What?  I promptly told him, ” Well of course they say everyone has the swine flu, how else would the FDA and pharmaceutical companies get you to run out and get the vaccination if you didn’t believe you were doomed?”  Apparently he had never thought of it as a marketing approach.

Two other examples are when my father told me vaccinations work and my brother thought I was insane. I know that the World Health Organization ranked 50 countries and their quality of care and the United States came in somewhere around 47th.  I also know that the Unites States came in 1st in cost. OUCH! These two specific details state the people of the Unites States don’t exactly get what they pay for. The primary practices of doctors include drugs, vaccinations, and surgery. If we are ranked at the bottom I have a difficult time believing we have been successful in this roughly 100 year old way of medicine. There are other types of medicine that have been around for 1000’s of years that do not harm the body with horrific side effects. We just get one side where we live unless we look really deep.

I also know that autism rates have sky rocketed since we stared vaccinations. I know that my child was suppose to receive far more vaccinations than I did. I know that vaccinations are so lethal that you cannot dispose of them in a trash can. So why on earth would it be a good idea to inject it into your blood stream? I have information on vaccines that would make your blood boil.

My personal experience with vaccinations and the horrible effect they had on my child led me to research this further.  I am among many women who intuitively questioned the safety of vaccinations but felt pressured to do it anyway. Doctors can seem so intimidating and then what happens if we are wrong?  I am not suggesting that you refuse to vaccinate your child. I am suggesting that you research in places that are not governed by the FDA or pharmaceutical companies. They do after all profit from all of this making them bias as far as I am concerned.  I am suggesting that you follow your intuition, educate yourself, and make decisions that fit your beliefs and be confident in that choice.


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