The Power of Positive Thinking for Wellness

amorrison22Yesterday I had the misfortune of having a conversation that I allowed to bother me so I have decided to use this blog to get past it and use it in a positive way.  The problem started when I said I had a cough and this woman apparently believed she needed to diagnose me with the H1N1 Flu. I told her that, “I don’t buy into that stuff and that there were a lot of viruses.” She then proceeded to tell me just how real this flu virus is. Seriously??? I told her I would handle whatever it is with natural remedies in which she then decided to try to tell me what I could do for it naturally. Apparently she felt equipped to not only diagnose me but treat me as well.

My problem with this is that when I said I don’t buy into it I was using the power of my mind to block the power of her suggestion so that I did not get the virus. I have studied quantum physics and understand that thoughts have a vibrational frequency as well.  Germs are not the only things that cause illness. If that were the case we would all be sick all of the time. And then how does one explain why two people can be exposed to the same thing and one has a reaction and one does not? Think for a moment about what happens when you get stressed. You have physical symptoms such as a raised heart rate, maybe sweat a little, jaw might get tight. What happened before any of the physical symptoms? You had a thought, that thought created an emotion, and then you had a physical symptom. If you had better control of your thoughts you wouldn’t have had all the physical symptoms of stress. Other people’s thoughts affect you as well if you allow them to or if you are not conscious enough to block them through visualization or your own words.

Positive thinking brings positive outcomes. Visualization is powerful. Think about cancer patients who have eliminated tumors through visualization. Athletes use it to plan their game, and successful people use it to achieve goals. Affirmations help keep thinking positive. Meditation helps quiet the mind and is powerful way to visualize. Dream boards are another way to get clear and set goals visually. You create what you think so think well and think well about others.

Holistic wellness is not just about treating illness with natural remedies. It is about preventing illness through nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. Holistic wellness is about balancing the body, mind, and spirit when it has gone out of balance. Holistic wellness requires that you move, eat, and think well. Your thinking is probably the most important of them all and certainly has a huge impact on every level andon everyone. Make it a positive impact.


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