What Are You Really Craving?

amorrison22I came across this article, I believe in No Name Nutrition’s magazine. I found it interesting and perhaps you will as well.

If you crave chocolate, what you need is magnesium, healthy choices include raw nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruit. Although I am guilty of eating a great deal of dark organic chocolate.

If you crave sugar ( I always seem to), what you need is chromium and other trace minerals, healthy choices include broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, cheese, dried beans, organic liver, chicken, fruit, eggs, dairy, legumes, whole grains, and sweet potatoes. I personally wouldn’t eat too much dairy, try raw or goat.

Carbs=nitrogen and protein so try high protein foods like fish, red meat, chicken or duck, nuts, and beans.

Craving salt? Might be low on chloride, sodium, or iodine, try raw goat;s milk, fish, sea salt, and sea vegetables.

How about dairy. May be a sign of low calcium. Dark leafy green, broccoli, legumes, cheese, and sesame seeds may help.Wanting a greasy cheeseburger and french fries or anything super high in fat? What you really may need is healthy fats like flax, seeds, salmon, or olive oil.



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