Movement Means You’re Alive So Move Your Body

By movement I am referring to exercise, to fitness. Obesity rates are sky hight. The average women’s body fat is around 28%!!! It should be closer to 18%-20%. So why aren’t you exercising?  You know how good it is for you and every cell in your body. Lack of time? I’m going to break some news to you: the little bit of time you spend  now could add years to your life. I don’t know about you but I love playing with my child now, and I have every intention of playing with my grandchildren.

Some people don’t know what to do. Others feel uncomfortable at the gym.  There are ways you can work out at home and there are personal trainers who want to help you.  Women notoriously complain about thighs and their tummies after babies. To get nice legs you have to get off the machines and do things like lunges and squats. To fix that post baby belly you have to work your core muscles. You can do that through more functional exercises and more core exercises. Even using a bosu ball or standing on one leg will help. Resistance training is vital for women because it increases the amount of bone deposits therefore assisting in the prevention of osteoporosis. Women notoriously hang out on cardio machines. Get off the machines and go lift something. For those who want to stay at home and have zero equipment try body weight exercises like bear crawls, lunges, push ups, or hold cans of soup in your hands during your aerobic video. The possibilities are endless.

Do you realize that your brain chemistry is altered when you exercise? It causes your brain produce all of those feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin. Prozac is fake serotonin! Breast cancer could be prevented by diet and excercise alone! Exercise helps us chronically sleep deprived mothers sleep better and it gets us into our skinny jeans. What more could you ask for?

Personal trainers educate people on proper form and design programs to fit their clients unique goals. A wellness coach provides the support and education needed to set goals and implement them into your life style. Please contact me at for a free consultation!


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