Mandatory Health Insurance???

A conversation lead me to repost the following blog.  The conversation took place last night with a friend who works for a large health insurance company. The references she made to the policies and procedures of the company were appalling, even to my friend.  Even she has began to use natural remedies with great success with healing and is amazed at how much she is saving by not going to the doctor. I wrote the blog a year ago and it was also published in the magazine Heartland Healing. My feelings remain. My frustrations reminded and confirmed.  I am not suggesting you make radical changes. I am suggesting my right to choose be respected. I am suggesting that those involved in health care and insurance occupations seek the truth and demand changes. I am suggesting that we protect our rights by not supporting anyone or any business that is corrupt and any business that has a political agenda that includes power and money.  I am suggesting that we support  those who do good for the greater good of all, and that we support those that support our right to freedom, our right to choose.

Mandatory Health Insurance???

I frequently avoid watching the news because of all of the negativity. I don’t need the violence on my subconscious and despite my best efforts I can’t control others.  Needless to say, I choose to continually better myself and make some attempt to avoid what doesn’t appear to be serving my greater good.  I would consider watching if I could see 15 minutes of all the good that occurs in this world.

While I was at the gym on the treadmill I was bored so I was scanning televisions and something got my attention; Mandatory health insurance?!?! Jail and fines?!?! This really got my attention because of my life style and because I had just read an article in Heartland Healing about this.  I understand this means I need to pay attention to this.

Despite my frustration with negative reporting, warning about intentions that will not serve all need to be known.  I suffered a great deal from the effects of allopathic medicine. I spent years sick as well as terrified I would never be better.  What we call traditional medicine has really only been around about 100 years or so. In its beginning doctors would bleed people, often to death of course, because they believed that bad blood was the reason for illness. The United States ranks somewhere around 47th on a list of 50 industrialized nations in regards to quality of care AND # 1 IN COST according to the World Health Organizations. I’m suppose to pay for this or risk being fined and jailed??

Prescription drugs come with side effects; have you ever really listened to the possible problems? How many prescription drugs have been recalled because death was a side effect? And we trust the FDA to mandate this? Seriously? The power that created you is the power that will heal you. All you have to do is remove whatever is in the way. I have yet to see this occur through drugs.

We need to take responsibility for our own health.  Fast food, lack of exercise, negative thoughts, and stress are causing illness. It is our responsiblity to take care of ourselves NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S! Pharmaceutical companies dominate our country; they have the money to do so. We also fail to take any responsibility for our own actions. We get sick, we go to the doctor, we get a drug. The United States ranks nearly last in quality of care and yet we trust this system to cure us??? Why on earth should I have to pay for or risk being jailed if I don’t follow a system that goes against my experience and my beliefs?

I believe we all have the right to choose what our health care system should be. I choose one of organic foods, weight lifting, and meditation. I choose to be own my doctor and heal myself through multiple natural ways and through education outside of drugs. I refuse to be forced to follow a system of health care that failed me and is failing all of us. Please pay attention to this. If the government can take your freedom of choice in regards to healthcare away what else will they take? We need to preserve our rights!


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