Quote by Carolyn Myss

“If you don’t appreciate what you have in life right now, whatever it is, you will never realize your purpose.  Without appreciation you will never be strong enough to respect yourself.”  Carolyn Myss

Appreciate what you have in life right now?  I do say what I love and what I am thankful for with my child every night. She does the same at bed time; after stories and songs and before prayers and hugs.  I am grateful for a roof over my head and the very comfy bed I sleep in, but I complain that I am no longer a home owner and am renting again. I also complain that I want a new bedroom set or at least some color on the walls.  I am grateful for my health  yet I always want to be slimmer or fitter and at times have gone to great lengths attempting  to do so causing harm to my body.  I am thankful for my highly creative child and the time I spend holding her, but I struggle to find the time to do all that I would like with her and I cringe when she dresses herself in her very unique way. I am thankful for friends and family yet I pray for them to understand me better when I haven’t always understood them.  I say I have found peace and that I surrender my will to the Universe yet  in the same breath  allowed anger to consume my thoughts, often over not being able to control another person.  Appreciation in a twisted form that I rationalize as acceptable maybe???  This twisted appreciation leaves me feeling inadequate in every area.  I always want more, think I should have tried harder, or believe I could have done better.  I have never had enough, done enough, or been good enough to please myself.  Appreciation for what I have, what I have accomplished, and who I really am must mean more than this egoic rat race I live.

Expressing  appreciation for a brief moment that is then contradicted by another thought is essentially cancelled out in the realm of quantum physics.  Simply stated: My expressions of appreciation-meaningless.  Although there are many other Universal/Quantum laws, think The Secret: What you put out you get back, what you think about you bring about.  Well, all the positive thinking becomes irrelevant if  you discount what you said with an opposing thought. Given all of the challenges facing me I know that my thoughts are running amuck.  I know that I need to practice more awareness and remember who am and what I came here to do and simply do it.  Find clarity, set the goals, take the steps, visualize it.  Simple enough, sort of.

Upon reading my horoscope a particular section caused my skin to tingle with goose bumps grabbing my attention. It read; “Your difficulties with the outer world at this time are signals about what you should be doing.”  Indeed, it is the outer world or the physical world that is causing war in my mind.  I understand spirituality, I understand the divine perfection of the Universe yet the physical world dominates my life and quite frankly I am rather agitated by it.  In my spiritual studies I have learned that what you resist persist and it has been my experience that if I resist with vengeance it is like adding a fuel to a fire.  As I look at my life and the physical world I now    see  where  the issues are.  (This may require a book as opposed to a blog).  Control your mind, control you life.  Find clarity, set the goals, take the steps, see it and  believe it.  As for my  spiritual evolution I ponder; What makes me of value?  What qualities do I really have that aren’t related to “doing” something? How do I find acceptance in just being? What does it mean to be a spiritual being in a physical body?  I know my purpose here, how can I utilize that and my skills to serve the greater good of all? May you all find the answers to these questions!

For those who don’t know who Carolyn Myss is she is a medical intuitive and has written books on spirituality and healing.  These topics can stir great controversy so if one decides to explore this further may I suggest  taking what you need and leaving the rest?


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