Whole Body Nutrition

Most people think of food when the topic of nutrition arises.  I will admit food is an enormous part of nutrition and can tell you from personal experience that what you eat can change your life. I can also tell you that the food pyramid is a bad joke and that if you knew what was really in your Twinkie you’d run the other way. (Getting in the workout you meant to do).

Nutrition also incorporates supplements.  AND I’m not talking about prescriptions.  Vitamins and minerals may be helpful especially when you are too busy to make healthier meals.  During times of stress the body may need some extra support as well.  Herbal remedies nourish the body the way good food does and can be used safely for numerous health reasons. I also use homeopathic remedies for any minor ailment that occurs.  The remedies available for healing are countless. I even drink sea salt and have a teaspoon of molasses every morning as part of my nutrition!

Detoxification is also part of nutrition. Your body can not function adequately if it is clogged.  This may be as simple as cleaning up your diet or it can be as complex and colonics and herbal cleanses. There are also homeopathic detoxes.  Energy foot baths appear to be a gentle way to rid the body of the garbage it has collected as well. Once again, numerous options are available and will support healing so your body can do what it is designed to optimally.

Then, of course, there is emotional nutrition.  Although I am not a therapist, being the stubborn and driven woman who I am, I often run into challenges so I speak from experience.  You would do well to think about who and what is really zapping your energy and then taking steps to change it.  You would also benefit from gaining clarity in your dreams and aspirations and finding ways to achieve them.  Sometimes we have blocks to success and often it is in our thinking process and/or our perception of the situation that is the real culprit.  It doesn’t need to be that way you have the power to change.

Nutrition is most beneficial when all aspects are included but not to the point that you are overwhelmed.  Easily and gracefully follow your intuition to discover what your body, mind, and spirit crave.


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