Are Vaccinations Really Safe?

Did your doctor give you a list of vaccination ingredients before injecting your child?

Yesterday I had the not so pleasant experience of attempting to defend my belief that we need safer vaccinations or any safe alternative.  I am not a doctor and am not suggesting you refuse vaccinations. I will, however, suggest that one make an informed, educated decision on whether or not to vaccinate.

My child endured the initial vaccinations but not without damaging side effects.  I remember her screams the night of her 6 week check up where she had received vaccinations.  My child was not the same.  She felt so distant and she seemed terrified.  I could understand this at the Dr.’s office but at home?  I am still haunted by the sound of her cries that night.

 At times my daughter appeared autistic. My sister and grandmother regularly asked me if I was going to talk to the doctor about it.  She was extremely sensitive.  She cried for hours at a time her entire first year of life. I often did as well!  She would scream if you ran bath water while she was in the same room and I couldn’t vacuum without moving her to another floor. She never slept; she was 3 before she slept through the night the first time and that happened after I switched to organic milk. I had to place a  blanket on her car seat because it felt scratchy to her.  She was incredibly guarded and only spoke to select people and sometimes would only shake her head or whisper.  Her preschool teacher warned she could be diagnosed ADD.

When it came time for my daughter to attend kindergarten I refused that round of vaccinations. I had done enough research and firmly trusted my intuition so that I could confidently explain my experience and my anxiety.  Through my research I had helped my daughter to heal as well.  Detoxification and diet were crucial for her to recover. 

 I still struggle with some issues relating  to her behavior as well as to her sensitivity.  I also struggle because I should have trusted my intuition when I didn’t want to give her the vaccinations in the first place and I struggle because I didn’t find some way to prove that vaccinations were harmful to her.  I feel I did an injustice to my child. You can choose differently. 

Vaccinations initially seem like a great choice, but when you look at the ingredients and the side effects then one begins question what damage are we doing?  Do we really know the long-term side effects of the amounts administered? After all the list of vaccines required get longer very year. How long have we been giving vaccines? Where is the proof that they are working? Do we need a vaccine for everything? Do other countries vaccinate and do they have the same diseases? Do we really risk an outbreak without vaccinating? Why do vaccines contain toxic ingredients that need to be injected into infants?

Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich on what you don’t know and the government wants to hide it from you and make it mandatory that you vaccinate your child.  We should have the right to know the facts about the ingredients as well as the risks. We should have the proof that vaccines are safe as well as the proof that they are truly needed. We should have the right to choose!

Make an informed choice and voice your concerns. Please email me @ for more information

For vaccine information please visit these websites:


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