The Benefits of Vitamin D

Quite a few years ago I started supplementing with vitamin D to support my sluggish thyroid.  At the time I was not aware that this one vitamin had countless other benefits. After attending a conference on workplace wellness I was reminded of vitamin D’s  power and after reading yet another article on the impact it can have on your health I knew needed to send out the information.

Visit this link to learn some of the health benefits of adequate vitamin D: INCLUDING PREVENTING THE FLU!

Make sure to read through the bottom to see all the other benefits!

In order to get enough vitamin D we need to get adequate sunlight. In Nebraska that isn’t always possible. If you are going to take a supplement I would suggest Vitamin D3 because your body most easily recognizes this form.  There are also food sources such as wild caught salmon and other fatty fish, cod liver oil, raw milk, raw milk cheese, whole milk yogurt, as well as butter. Your body will not absorb the calcium and vitamin D in pasteurized milk.  Remember to eat a variety of foods and to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in order to help your body absorb all the nutrients it needs to be well. Certain vitamins are absorbed better with other vitamins or minerals and your body needs numerous vitamins and minerals for adequate functioning.

Amy McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach



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