Women’s Wellness and Education

October is National Vaccination as well as Breast Cancer Awareness month so I have been  receiving emails on these two topics.  Much debate goes on in my mind and I feel compelled to share my opinions. I feel very strongly about the role pharmaceutical companies and government play in healing.  Your body was designed to heal itself if you remove whatever is in the way.  That road block  may be physical, emotional, or even spiritual.  Each individual comes with their own set of physical traits, emotional state, spiritual background, and belief system.  Healing should be based off of these not what the government decides. Healing does not come from a pill or a concoction of chemicals.  I trust the following will help women make informed choices in regards to their wellness.

As for vaccinations: Do you really know the ingredients and do you really know if vaccinations are truly effective? Thimersol is mercury and it is in vaccinations, as well as a multitude of toxins that are injected into an infant’s blood stream. We continue to give more and more vaccinations and really do not know the long-term side effects. Pharmaceutical companies are getting richer and we just get scared into believing the one-sided stories.  There are multiple studies that show vaccinations have had no affect on the prevention of disease. By the time the vaccinations were given the number of cases had already declined.  Vaccinations may not even prevent disease. What if all of the toxins they contain cause disease?  Before you vaccinate your child please  visit the following link www.homefirst.com for more information. If you are pregnant and considering the flu vaccinations or if you trust the government to be honest and keep you healthy read this absolutely shocking bit of information  http://organichealthadvisor.com/archives/shocking-h1n1-swine-flu-vaccine-miscarriage-stores-from-pregant-women-tell-your-doctors-that-vaccines-and-pregnancy-do-not-mix 

As for breast cancer, my mother died from cancer when I was only 20 so my heart goes out to any and all cancer survivors. What I want you all to be aware of is that early detection is not the same thing as prevention. A mammogram shows what may or may not wrong AND it comes with a heavy dose of radiation at the same time.  Dr, Mayer Eisenstein speaks about simple preventions such as losing weight and supplementing with fish oil and Vitamin D on his website www.homefirst.com  I also feel that the month should be called Breast Cancer Prevention Month or Healthy Breast Month.  The focus should be on the prevention of disease not on just the detection.  The focus should be on education not on fear. AND the money raised should not simply go to drug companies.  For example, is it aspirin your missing when you have headache?  For more information on breast cancer visit www.naturalnews.com

True wellness comes when you take charge of your own health. When you educate yourself you can then make informed choices that are congruent with your belief system.  There are countless ways to prevent disease and there are countless ways to heal. You have the right to make that choice and you have the right to know the facts. Be an informed consumer when it comes to your wellness.  Be an advocate for your children.


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