Sugar Free?

What exactly does “sugar-free” mean on a product label? I am always stunned when people tell me they are “eating healthier” since they have switched to products containing less sugar. Do you really know what you are eating?  If a product claims to be sugar-free it is typically sweetened with aspartame, saccharin, or Nutrasweet. These are actually known neurotoxins. They damage your brain and your nervous system. 

Sugar also has many disguises and is often called dextrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and countless other names.  I have even read on a container of salt that it contained dextrose. There may be sugar in your salt?! The problem is sugar causes countless health issues including suppressing your immune system, disrupting hormonal balance, and irritating your digestive tract.

The good news is that there are alternatives to sugar that even taste good! Stevia is great mixed in drinks or on toast with cinnamon. Agave Nectar is great as a substitute for syrup on waffles or pancakes. Xylitol can be used in recipes just like real sugar. Other natural sweeteners  include: sucanat, rapadura, raw honey, real maple syrup, brown rice syrup, sorghum, and molasses. 

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