Vaccination Ingredients

I have written several times about the concerns I have in regards to the safety of vaccinations. The ingredient list is enough for me to question the potential side effects.  Add to that the number of vaccinations given and that number rises every chance a pharmaceutical company manages to create a new cocktail and then I really start to wonder. Then, we are told to inject these potentially toxic concoctions into infants one right after another as if they are as necessary as breast milk or formula.  If you want to vaccinate your child that is your prerogative, but please do the research before and make an informed decision.  If you purchase a car you will shop around and make a choice based off  a variety of factors. Health care should be the same; especially when it comes to protecting children.  You can also be an advocate for change and support the right to keep our children healthy without toxic injections. Please visit the following websites for more information.


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