40 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

I do not recall where I originally found this list, but I thank the creator for writing it as well as for the simplicity of the suggestions.  The following are 40 little things you can do to nurture yourself.  I encourage you to try one every week or even better every day!

Rest when you are tired

Cry when you are sad

Learn to say NO

Move inside to your quiet space

Eat healthy foods

Go for a walk with a friend you love

Brush your teeth

Learn things that are important to you

Say nice things to yourself

Hug a stuffed animal

Learn how to talk about your feelings

Take a bubble bath

Listen for the quiet

Read a book

Laugh out loud

Eat when you are hungry

Stop when you are full

Talk to someone who really understands

Make a new friend


Listen to the rain

Be honest with yourself and others

Ask for help when you need it

Wear your favorite clothes

Look at the stars

Give yourself a big hug

Pick some flowers for yourself

Learn to listen to your body

Get your back rubbed

Do something nice for someone else

Listen to music

Make some art

Pray and meditate

Learn about something new

Turn off the television

Listen to the silence inside of you

Get a hug

Spend some time with someone who lets you be yourself

Help someone who needs your help

Celebrate you!


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