Intuition could be defined as your gut instinct. It is that feeling inside that moves you or that little voice that makes you think twice.  When you pay attention to those signs and signals you can alter your life.  Listening to your intuition means living in the present moment.  Living in the moment and following your intuition allows you to live a more passionate life as well as have more successful outcomes. 

Think for a moment about specific incidences that occurred in your life that you were guided by something other than rational thought.  This may mean deciding to take a different route to work only to find out later that you avoided an accident taking the alternative route.  Another example would be physiological changes. I personally get goosebumps when something very powerful is about to be said or when I am thinking something and searching for an answer. The goose bumps remind me to pay attention to that moment and they confirm I am on the right path.  You could also think about times that someone mentioned  a great book and then you see the book advertised on television the next day. These are signs to pay attention. They are messages. They are your intuition guiding you.

There are many ways that our intuition reveals itself.  If you are not aware of the signals one way to become aware is to practice being in the moment.  You do this by focusing on what you are seeing and thinking the name. For example, as your walking instead of allowing your mind to race, think steps, door, sun, warmth, and whatever else you see or feel. Another way to become aware is to practice meditation. There are a number of ways to meditate but to start with simply pay attention to your breath. Listen to your breath. Feel your chest and belly rise and fall. You can also make a game out of the events of your day and see how many “coincidences” occur throughout the week.

Still not sure? Still having doubt? The following are from Experience Life November 2010 issue and suggest some of the intuitive physiological changes that may occur.

Positive/Affirmations= warm feeling, breathe easier, hearing and vision clear, goosebumps and tingly feelings, and relaxation in the tummy or upper back

Negative/Warning=cold body, cramps/pains in tummy or chest, sick tummy, feeling uptight, tires, head hurting

Whatever signs you receive pay attention to them.  Your intuition is powerful and following it will guide you to a passionate and successful life.


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