Making Action Steps More Fun!!!

The New Year arrived Saturday morning just as expected.  I did go make it to the gym that morning but also realized that I didn’t complete my list of action steps I would take towards those non-traditional, yet likely more important resolutions, such as being more loving, forgiving more, and being thankful for what I have in this moment.  Maybe my failure to make my list explains my very frustrating weekend. Needless to say, I am getting back on track and completing that list. I just wrote  it on my list of things to do and I am much more successful when I do that!

There are multiple ways to write the steps you need to take in order to achieve a goal.  You could print or draw a picture of a ladder and on each rung write something you need to do get to the top where you have the goal written. Remember to have a picture of the reward you are going to treat yourself with!  Another option is to plant flowers, even in  little Dixie cups in the winter, and watch them grow. Place a note to yourself reminding yourself that the steps you are taking are the seeds you have planted and soon they will blossom as will you!

Remember it is important to stay positive as well.  Three days ago I found my list of successes buried amongst the 10 books I am reading related to personal growth.  It is easier to stay positive when you have confirmation you have been successful and when you use affirmations to cancel out all the negative thoughts about not being good enough or about not being deserving enough. Write what you have accomplished no matter how trivial it may seem and read it daily. Write affirmations and post them on your bathroom mirror and silently remind yourself that you have been down that path and are choosing to release those patterns and embrace the new ones. Or heck, yell it if it helps you feel better.

One of my favorite action step to goal setting is creating a visual board. We seem to forget how to play as adults and lose our creativity.  This activity allows the child in us to shine through!  I, personally, gain clarity on what I really want when I do one. I have revised mine multiple times. Maybe I am a little indecisive, maybe I am just learning and growing.  There are multiple ways to do a dream/visual board. The important thing is that you use goal setting techniques, understand the emotions involved, and have fun.

What is so great about all of these tools is that even children can practice these techniques so I know we can all manage to as well!

For a additonal help that keeps you on track as well as  accountable contact Amy @

For classes in your home or business please contact Amy @

Classes are availble for children as well!!!

Thank you for reading! Many Blessings and Happy New Year! May this year be your best year yet!!!


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