The Big Fluoride Debate

I have never understood why it seems like a good idea to put fluoride in tap water???  For one, fluoride was actually first used in Nazi prison camps because of its damaging effects!!!  Alright then that should be enough to question the entire process but apparently not.  Secondly, everyone drinks different amounts of water and depending on where they are getting this water from the fluoride amount is varied so how do you know how much you have actually ingested?  By the way, you also absorb whatever fluoride is in the water when you shower as well as when you cook with this “fluoride enhanced for your benefit” water.  That would  add to the dilemma of the knowing how much you’re getting as well as how much you should have. How on earth could this be considered safe let alone remotely intelligent? Thirdly, do you get your multi-vitamin, probiotic, or fish oil from your tap water?  Forgive my sarcasm, but seriously? Not too likely. 

My problem with this is the lack of education people have. I am absolutely amazed that very few people actually question this practice and am absolutely appalled at the amount of people who actually believe that adding fluoride to drinking water is a good plan.  My problem is you should have the right to choose what you put in your body and how much of it.  When we allow the government to determine how much and how we receive a chemical, supplement, drug, or anything else, we have given up our right to choose. When we don’t even question, when we just assume something is good for us because someone else has decided that, we have given up our right to simply think for ourselves.  

Fluoride in drinking water is only one aspect in one system when in reality there are multiple systems that all appear to be failing to follow through on their intentions to properly and fairly educate, protect, create wellness, and promote good.   You have choices AND the right to choose to use your own mind and some common sense. Think for yourself. Take action and stand up for your beliefs. Your body, mind,  and spirit, as well your children will all be grateful.

For more information on the fluoride debate:


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