Yesterday I hosted my monthly positive thinking group.  The discussions are often on a variety of subjects including spirituality. The group is intended for open-minded individuals seeking to expand their knowledge as well as share stories.  Many of my experiences have led me to study the science of thought as well as the science of spirituality and I look forward to and enjoy this meeting. I am thankful for the people who attend and all that I learn from them.

The topic of other religions came up, as it might in a spiritual seeking group. I expressed that I am not a Christian.  This statement typically throws the average American for a loop.  When I say that I am not a Christian it does not mean I do not believe in God. Nor does it mean I am Agnostic, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, or any of the countless religions I have explored.  I am not a Christian because I do not choose one religion over another. I do not choose one religion because I have not found one that truly suited me and really made sense to me.

I believe choosing one religion over another is making that religion the “correct” one.  To be judgemental myself,  I call that arrogance.  Being arrogant certainly does not seem like a spiritual principle.  Who really has that right?  I have been ridiculed because of my choices in regards to leaving Christianity and Catholicism. I have defended myself because others were judging me. They were judging me because of their lack of understanding and lack of education. My heart goes out to them.  As Jesus said; “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”  My thoughts go out to them because as a saying my mother said to me when I was just a little girl; “Your mind is like a parachute, it only functions when its open.”

The God that I believe in is one that is not outside of you but within you. How much sense does it make that there is some supreme being outside of you, judging you and waiting for you to screw up so that He can cause you pain and suffering? And why is He a  He? And where the heck is He? And just how and when did He come to be anyway?  Christianity was not meant to be taught so that we feared God.  The church has its own political agenda where egos run high and money and power take the front stage.   Religion is business. Spirituality is about finding God.

The God I belive in has been scientifically proven. When you refer to Jesus doing healing what do you suppose he used?  He was not just some magical man, he was teaching how to utilize a source of energy within. We all have access to that energy. That energy flows through absolutely everything and can be used for anything.  I am not referring to ministers claim to be healers and prey on innocent people, stealing their money and causing a show.  Healing comes in many forms and many ways.  Quantum Physics teaches us spirituality.

I do not need Jesus to save me because I have sinned.  I have taken training with a Catholic Fryar who used to live in Omaha and now has an amazing foundation in Indiana.  He taught me a great deal about the interpretation of the Bible. I had already seen how many different ways many verses had been twisted around simply by attending different churches as well as by attending different religions all Christian based. By the time I met Father I was quite frustrated by the what I had seen. It seemed to me that Clergy could take a verse and interpret it however they deemed appropriate, some of which was contradictory.  Father explained many things to me and helped me to understand that many things were being taught, but NOT the way it was intended to be.  Jesus did not die so that you could be forgiven for your sins. Jesus died to prove you were eternal.  Even physics says energy can not be created nor destroyed only changed, and guess what? You are a big ball of energy.  Everyone sins, and in reality all sin should be considered equal. One is not better or worse than the other.  This does not mean I think sinning is a good plan. I think you make a mistake you do something different the next time. You make amends as well.  Your purpose here is to learn, find God and do good.  There are many paths to God and many ways to do good.  Allow the energy to flow through you and you will access a very powerful source.

On your path to God and your quest to do good please remember everyone has their own path to walk. God isn’t judging you so let others walk their own walk in peace.  Doing good can mean accepting others as they are with their faults, as non-Christians, or whatever the issue, we all have issues and we all want to be loved.  Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than parking in the garage makes you a car. (Facebook)  Church attendance will not get you bonus points with God. Doing good deeds creates good feelings and creates a better world.  Make our world a better place to live and practice compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and loving all. Remember everyone has a story and just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it’s wrong. People have reasons for their choices, even if it seems they have done something wrong. Unless you have walked in their shoes, you will not understand their path. (Unless you practice more compassion)  Embrace the many differences in this world so that we can all evolve and live in peace.


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