Mind Over Matter

After the interview I had with KPTM News last week, I have not been able to get the visual of people hanging from hooks or the words used to explain the feeling or the explanation of it being “mind over matter” out of MY mind. What exactly does “mind over matter” mean anyway?

Let me begin with deciphering the words. I tend to view this statement as”mind” being your brain and “matter” being your body???  My interpretation is one that suggests this phrase to mean you are using your brain to conquer control of your body and it’s physical and emotional responses. Hmmmm…. My passion, the brain, the power of thought, and how it alters your life.

Do you really need to hang from hooks to conquer this or to experience the exhilaration of accomplishment or experience the sensation of complete relaxation?  The answer is no and the proof is rooted in science.

Your brain is a very powerful tool, especially when used wisely.  You can begin to use it wisely by learning to alter your brain waves. Much like daily life much of the time your brain waves are going at a rather pace.  When you take the time to slow down, be present in the moment, and have focus you lower your brain wave frequencies.  The Washington Post even published an article explaining how regular practices that create peace actually alter your brain chemistry. IT CHANGES YOUR BRAIN!!!  The benefits to learning to relax, be present, and to be focused include boosting your immunity, enhanced intuition, and even greater success at achieving goals!!! ( And so much more) NOW THIS IS MIND OVER MATTER!!!

Meditation becomes the most obvious way to achieve this state of “mind over matter.”  There are countless ways to meditate, practice relaxation as well as use your brain to visualize and alter your perception to achieve what you desire.  You certainly do not have to be a monk in a monastery and you certainly do not have to hang yourself from hooks. As I have said before and will continue to say, you can start by taking one conscious breath.

Do you want to experience “mind over matter” in a safe way?

Do you need to relax?

Do you want to  find a sense of peace?

Do you have goals you want to achieve?

Do you have health issues to overcome?

Experience the benefits of meditation!

Sunday, March 20th

1-3 p.m. First come, first serve

1365 South 101st st

Body Work Buffet!!!

Shiatsu, Bodytalk, Healing Touch, Harmonym, Integrative Therapy, and maybe even more AS WELL AS me, Amy McCae, with guided meditation. 

ONLY $35 for 3 tickets. This gets you 3 (15) minute sessions of your choice so that you can experience and be introduced to multiple healing and rejuvenating modalities at a very low price!!!

Schedule and individual appointment if you can not make the date  creativewellness@cox.net

Want to learn more? Contact Amy to schedule a presentation in your office over lunch.

Even better, ask Amy to spend the day at your office performing individual guided meditations! Your employee morale will spike and production will actually increase!!! creativewellness@cox.net for more information 

Imagine, mind over matter, all the benefits you can achieve!!!

Peace, greater success, improved health, postive attitude, relaxation, enhanced intuition AND so much more!

Contact Amy to change your brain power and change your life!




Thank you and Many Blessings!


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