National Nutrition Month!!!

March not only suggest winter is nearing the end and spring is approaching it is also National Nutrition Month.  A good way to celebrate this would be to see nutrition as you see spring house cleaning.  When you get rid some things you no longer need both physically and emotionally and you replace them with new things, activities, or ideas you begin to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Nutrition encompasses more than what you eat. In fact, nutrition encompasses supplements as well detoxification. Changing your diet and detoxifying could change your life.  You don’t have to do a complete overhaul. Start with replacing a snack with fruit and nuts or adding fish oil and salmon to your diet.  Explore what is missing and determine if there are supplements or herbs that may support your wellness.  If needed, research detoxification methods. This could even be as simple as a getting a massage to stimulate your lymph system!

There are countless simple ways to “clean up” your nutrition. All you have to do do is be willing to try and simply take one small step towards greater wellness. The following website has a fantastic flyer you can upload and print off that includes some basic nutrition information on food.

Successful nutrition has nothing to with dieting. Wellness has everything to do with lifestyle.

Remember to view yourself as body, mind, and spirit. Supplement your life with fresh air and exercise. Detox your mind from negative thoughts. Nurture spirit and do what you love.


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