11 Senses???

Once a month I host a positive thinking, personal growth meeting.  The group discussions may include fitness and nutrition as well as dealing with every day life but the main topics include spirituality and the power of the mind.   (My true passions!)  I always learn so much from the members and mostly recently I have learned about 6 new senses. Although,  I am quite aware of intuition and of senses others don’t pay attention to, I never seemed to have the words to really express  what I meant.

Well… I do now.  As children we are taught that we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, touch with our skin, smell with our noses, and taste with our tongues.  These are really physical senses that science has always been able to calculate and understand so they are east to teach. The things we don’t tend to talk about but clearly and real are our 6 intellectual senses: perception, will, reasoning, memory, intuition, and imagination. WOW!

How terribly unfortunate that we don’t pay more attention to these other 6 senses!  Your mind encompasses far more than the hunk of gray matter you call your brain.  Your brain does register your physical senses which helps you navigate through the physical world as well as enjoy it but there is so much more to the story. What would your life be like if you paid attention to your other 6 senses?

Your thoughts and emotions determine the outcomes in your life.  Science even agrees. Napoleon Hill knew this almost a century ago when he stated; “All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!” in his very famous book “Think and Grow Rich.” The issue is that we are still walking around paying attention to the 5 senses we were taught in grade school and ignoring the 50,000 thoughts we  have a day that dominate our  subconscious brains.

 The good news is that we  can change these patterns. Self-awareness can be learned through meditation and contemplation. Different choices can be made by recognizing patterns and feelings about events.  Emotions shift when perception is altered.  The mind is a powerful tool!! We are at our best when we quiet the chatter and pay attention to our 6 intellectual senses; perception, will, reasoning, memory, intuition, and imagination.

Manage Your Mind. Manage Your Life.

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