FITTR Basics and Holistic Wellness

In my business I am bombarded by people who want to know the “right” way to become fit quickly.  I continually am offered opportunities to “sign up” for the next great supplement that promises to cure-all and it even comes with a great multi-level marketing plan for me to ensure I am compensated for letting the world know about the latest miracle.

My issue: everyone heals differently, everyone has unique needs and interests, and everyone needs to take care of their body, their thoughts, their emotions, and their spirit.  How on earth does one magic berry heal all of this? How could one protein shake create weight loss. How could one supplement, like HCG, cure health issues and build muscle. 

 AND THE BEST YET! My all time new favorite, something that appears to be a girdle, but is made of special fabric is like magic too! Just yesterday I had a woman say; “You are a Wellness Coach, you should get this.” I explained I was pregnant and due in 7 weeks AND she even had a garment for that! She told me that my stomach would go back easier because of “muscle memory.” The fabric apparently has a teaching certificate.  Seriously? My abdominal muscles that are housing a baby that is growing a half a pound a week need to be wrapped in “special” material? She explained to me how breathable the fabric was as well.  Apparently this woman had never experienced pregnancy. I am glad to breath and not be out of breath without anything but my uterus and baby in hindering that.  My skin itches, I get rashes,  I am hot without any clothes on, and I am way too educated to buy into some “miracle product.”

Needless to say, I was rather insulted and annoyed.  My experience as well as my continued education in multiple areas of wellness have allowed for me to understand healing and wellness on multiple levels.  You have the right to choose whatever path you like and you should. Just know that there are some basic things that promote healing and that healing comes from more than a “miracle” product. You need to think, eat, and move well.

Thinking- ( My Passion) Thoughts are energy and they create your life. They come first before absolutely everything -including emotions!  You have 50,000 thoughts a day!!! Your subconscious holds your emotions and beliefs and most us don’t even know what we are thinking and creating because we are too busy doing things.  You need to learn to relax, to become aware of what is really going on instead of simply  going through the motions. You do this by practicing meditation. This practice will change your life.

Eating- This is so basic!!!  You don’t need magic pills- you need real food. You don’t need the food pyramid or the government who puts hormones and antibiotics in your meat to tell you what to eat.  You need to pay attention to your body and follow your intuition.  Eat as close to nature as possible, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, buy local and organic when possible, and eat a variety of colors and do it all in reasonable portions. Drink lots of good, clean water and remember to splurge from time to time.

Move- Your body was designed to move.  As a personal trainer I learned that the basics include strength, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular, and power. It also means using FITTR principles= vary the frequency, intensity,time, type, and rate.  That means mix it up! Do what you love! This is how you change your body, this is how you “train” muscles, not through special fabric. You will automatically boost your metabolism, alter your brain chemistry, and balance your hormones (no HCG needed).

Combine thinking, eating, and moving well and you will heal your body, mind, and spirit.  Keep it simple.  Some gadgets can be fun, but be realistic. Everything changes, everyones needs change, be flexible and keep positive.


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