Struggling to find a topic to write about today I “Googled” my favorite subject: Mind Power.  The power of the mind kept me curious as a child and as adult it has become my passion.  The complexity and power of thought is profound.  The power in the unfamiliar silence without thought just as magnificent and perhaps the place of most peace. Often it the place we seldom visit!!!  My fascination with the ability quiet the chatter as well as use the thoughts we do have for good continues to grow. My desire to teach this feels as though I have finally fine tuned a purpose in my life. Please email me for information on classes and private sessions @creativewellness@cox.net

The poem below caught my attention when looking to feel inspired and I found it @www.mahinth.blogspot.com  The site has some interesting information for those curious about the power of the mind.  Think about this poem:


Mind is not a constant, its concentration waxes and wanes.  When the mind wanes the smallest you take action and follow through the next action.  Don’t let your spirit drop. Thoughts are at the top of a hill. Unchecked and attended the water will begin to flow down one part of the slope and will begin to form a well-worn gully. You’ve got to divert the spring at its source.


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