Finding Your Gifts

I firmly believe that everyone of us came into this life with gifts.  I believe that when we use these gifts for good that we are at our best.  There are many things I thought I knew about myself and about how I was going to use these special talents yet some how I evolved and the picture I once thought my life was going to be is now much different, but yet has the same purpose.

When I was a child I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I was fascinated with the show “Emergency” and  I was only 3. When I was 5 I named my goldfish Johnny, Roy,and Captain after three of the paramedics. My parents were kind enough to send me birthday cards and stickers from my heros. I spent my entire childhood knowing that I wanted to help heal people.

As I grew up, life’s experiences changed me. After watching my mother die of cancer I no longer had an interest in anything that had to do with medicine. Then, after spending a decade sick myself and finally healing through natural methods, I was on a new mission.My new mission was to help other people learn all that I had learned through my own research. The idea of helping people heal was back on my agenda so I started Creative Wellness where I get to teach people many new ideas that can help them.

When I first started Creative Wellness I marketed myself as a Personal Trainer. I really wanted to be a true holistic personal trainer and do so much more than teach fitness, but separating myself in a sea of personal trainers was challenging. I also realized that as much as I love fitness, there was more I wanted to do. In my quest to meet people where they are at and help them take their wellness to a new level I incorporated other modalities such as nutrition and stress management. I have added so many possibilities to my list of credentials that I started to struggle to answer the all important question; “What do you do?”

Well, I help people lead healthier and happier lives. I am a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach that wants to empower you to change your life and inspire you to be the best you can be. If you believe it, you can achieve it. This is perhaps the most important phrase you will ever hear.

On this amazing journey I have learned so many things. The most important things being the power of the mind, the importance of perception, and the ultimate in self-empowering knowledge that at every moment you have a choice. I chose this path and I choose to believe that is perfect for me.

I am not a doctor. In fact, I don’t even want to be. I want to help people realize their full potential though the power of their own thoughts and through energy work. When I was 10  and all my girlfriends wanted to be models and teachers, I wanted to be a “brain surgeon.” When I was in college, I didn’t want to be just a doctor, I wanted to be an anesthesiologist. The mind had forever been my passion. The power to heal as forever been my passion.

I have spent the past few years trying desperately to find a way to do what I love. I have repeatedly struggled with marketing services such as “Energy” work and “Meditation.” I have redone, taken off, put on, redone, again and again in an attempt to “fit in.” I thought I was going to be able to bridge some gap between those who believe in spiritual and the power of thought and those who don’t. I no longer need to do that.

Recently, I had a conversation with a man who has some very special gifts. He said to me; “I have found that believers are believers and skeptics are skeptics and there is always going to be both.” For some reason this resonated deeply with me. Suddenly, I no longer felt like I needed to prove anything. I suddenly realized that no words were ever going to describe certain types of healing. I understood on a profound level that I don’t have twist things around to create believers. In fact, if I turn it into something else I have then lost the essesence of something very spiritual in nature. That defeats the entire purpose.

With all of this knowledge, I have now again, but in a new frame of mind, added meditation and energy work back onto my website. I HAVE FOUND MY GIFTS. I have been blessed with some amazing knowledge and blessed with nearly unbelievable talents. I am amazed at the things I have been able to do. I watch, much like a child, in awe. I am blessed and I am grateful.

Amy McCae


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