Did Jesus Die So That You Could Be Forgiven For Your Sins?

Today I attended my Grandmother’s funeral. God Bless you Grandma, I know you are at peace. I, however, was not feeling peaceful during the service.  The concept that Jesus died so that we could be forgiven for our sins and granted eternal life never made sense to me. This minster was quite adamant that if you did not believe this that you will not be allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven and that you would suffer for eternity. I do not believe this and for multiple reasons.

First, my curiosity caused me to research many different religions and to attend a variety of different spiritual practices. Those experiences alone at the most basic level have me ask ; “What about Buddhist or Hindus?” Are they going to hell?  I found that many different churches (Christianity based) taught different things from the same Bible. Different ministers had different perspectives on Scriptures.  Some of the most influential courses I took were Silva Life System courses. I learned to really understand Quantum Physics, the mind and how it relates to spirituality, as well as religion. The first Silva class I took was taught my a Catholic priest. This man agreed that the Church messed up and that the Scriptures were not being taught as they were meant to be.

I have also watched a number of history programs and one stands out above the rest. Did you know that there are other books of the Bible? One being Adam and Lilith? You see, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. There was a group of people who decided you did not need to know that information. Lilith embodied that which all women should, she was sexual and sensual, and all woman.  This story should be one that was left in the Bible, as should they all really.  If select books are edited, left out, and what is remaining  is then translated into a different language and left for interpretation by the reader how can you really know?

I believe in God. I believe that God is everywhere and within each and every one of us and that God is a kind God.  I believe that we are eternal. You do not need to be saved. You and I are spiritual beings having a physical experience. You came here to learn just like a child does. You will not get it perfect all of the time, you are not supposed to. You are already forgiven.

That Energy that is of God flows through you is how you use your God-given gifts.  Your purpose here is to find God, and there are many paths, and do good with your gifts.  This could be an artist’s painting, the playing of a piano, the building of a home, the nurturing of a child, or anything that allows you to do what your passionate about that helps the world be a better place.

You need not worry about any religion telling you that you are less than God. You need not pay attention to anyone preaching ideas that feel threatening.  You simply need to follow your heart. You are of God and you are eternal.

Amy S McCae






4 thoughts on “Did Jesus Die So That You Could Be Forgiven For Your Sins?

  1. zenandjuniorhigh

    Being both a Buddhist and a Historian, I found myself drawn to your post.

    As a Buddhist, let me recommend the Lotus Sutra. It’s beautiful, and sometimes difficult to understand, but helps illuminate the various paths of Buddhism with a message of hope and unity. Early on, the Buddha mentions in it “other Buddhas” and “other Sutras.” Many have interpreted this as an attempt to unify the three main branches of Buddhism into one, but I sometimes wonder if the Buddha was not referring to some of the other founders of the world’s great religions, indicating that perhaps enlightenment might be possible for those who purport to follow other faiths.

    As a historian, though most of what is today the New Testament was pretty well established by the 300s, changes to the canon happened at massive meetings of Bishops of the Church over the course of several hundred years. Those meetings were always about what to keep and what to leave out, and there are, as you say, many texts left out over the course of time. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_canon It has a pretty good list.

  2. creativewellnessomaha

    Thank you for sharing. I have read Eckhart Tolle, excellent and currently reading several books on the evolution of the mind. I am not familiar with Shunryu Suzuki but I will certainly be looking for the book. Blessings, Amy S McCae

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