Religion and Politics

Yes, I chose a rather simple title. However, these two subjects tend to evoke a tremendous amount of emotion in many people. The writing that follows comes from my heart. These are my personal experiences and feelings and when I write I intend to inspire those reading to open their minds to other possibilities and to be aware enough to simply choose peace.

Well… Recently an event occurred and I wasn’t feeling to peaceful when I received a rather startling email related to my blog. Not only did this woman offer a great deal of advice to me in regards to religion but also in business or what we could call politics. The unfortunate thing was that this advice was written in such a way that my colleagues were even shocked. We did exchange a few emails and I really did try to explain myself and quite frankly was rather ticked that I felt I needed to. Her last email really did not make sense to me. However, her demeanor had changed drastically so…

I wish her well as well as all of you. All those who agree with me and support me and those who feel differently as well. I hope that this woman and anyone reading this will channel that intense emotion and energy that surfaces from debates on religion and politics and uses it for good. Using it for good means embracing that emotion and instead of choosing to criticize or ridicule someone, choosing to find out all you can about that person and their religion and politics in general. Choose to learn and explore and allow yourself to evolve. You don’t have to like them, what they do, or what they stand for. Just be open to possibilities as you never know where that road may take you. You also never know what road they have traveled or are traveling.Variety is the spice of life, right? How boring would it be if we are exactly the same?

You see, to me religion is really a business. Not that people do not find God through religion, they do. However, these are organizations that have to operate with rules, have staff, and pay bills so… Business it is. Everyone sticks to defending their religion like flies on fly paper. This does not make sense to me. I will use Christianity as an example only because I was raised Christian and because here in the United States it seems prevalent. As a child I never could make sense of it. As an adult I have the same questions. How can you defend a religion and make another wrong if one you do not have the entire story, two you are reading a translated version, three there is a huge amount of difference in the teachings depending on the church, clergy man, or even the part of the world, and fourth and most importantly how can you make another religion wrong? Does that mean that only “Christians” go to heaven? And if so what in the world is spiritual about that?

Notice all of the questions I have asked. I am extraordinarily curious AND I love it that way! I have no desire to sit back passively and assume anything about religion, health care, politics, business or anything else. There is nothing about that is empowering or inspiring to me. I choose to explore all of my options. I research everything that I feel passionately about. I do that because  it feels good to me and it has changed my life. Because of my knowledge and experience I have been able to help other people change their lives too.

If I had not been so determined and so curious I could have spent my life chronically ill feeling sorry myself. I did spend 10 years sick and I decided to “color outside the lines” and go against the norm and now because of that I am happier and healthier. My decision to explore holistic healing lead me down a rather lonely road initially. Many of my friends and family did not understand. There were many times when I was sad because I felt so much better and had learned so much that I wanted them to embrace my new ways of living. Eventually I gained confidence and am determined to let the world know all that I learned.

What I learned was that there are many paths to healing and many paths to God. Not one is right and not one is wrong. I believe that healing comes from God. I believe that knowledge and awareness will support you and empower you to create great things in this world. I believe that in this world we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe that if we all questioned everything our minds would evolve. I believe that if we spent more time playing like children and in awe over our amazing ability to create that there would be more joy in the world. I believe that when we remember who we truly it is then that we find peace.

Find God. Find peace. Follow your heart. Find a way to do good with what you know.

Thank you.

Amy S McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach













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