Attitude is Your Perception

You may not be able to control people, places, or events but you can control your attitude. When I think of attitude the first thing that comes to mind is my 13 year old daughter… For anyone raising teenagers, I am sure you can relate. In preparing to write this post I decided to review the definitions for attitude. I found several including:

  • a settled way of thinking or feeling often reflected in another’s behavior
  • uncooperative behavior, antagonistic behavior (teenager comes to mind, again)
  • body position representing mental state or action

Your attitude is powerful. Think for a moment about optical illusions. The classic “Is it and old woman or a young lady?” is a perfect example. When you first look at the image you will see one or the other. Then, you stare a little harder and open your mind a little more and suddenly there are other possibilities other than what you first saw. Sometimes it may take another person to point out other images before you see them. However, you now know there are possibilities and you can choose which one you want to perceive.

Your attitude is your perception. Did you know that studies indicate that 80%  of the time your reaction to a person or an event isn’t even related to that moment and that it stems from your past. Do you realize that for every interaction or situation you encounter that you always have a choice to choose your perception? Always. You can choose to emotionally react or you can choose to mindfully respond.

Next time you are dealing with a challenging person or in a sticky situation stop for a moment before you react and take a moment to ask yourself a few questions so that you can respond.

*What is my body telling me?

*Am I feeling an emotion related to a past experience?

*What other choices do I have?

*Is it worth it?

Remember that you can not control people, places, or events. You can, however, control how you wish to perceive them and you can choose how you respond. Dale Carnegie said; ” It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy. It is what you think about it.”

Have a beautiful day!


Amy S McCae

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