Attitude of Gratitude???

How powerful is an attitude of gratitude? Deepak Chopra says; ” Gratitude opens the door to… the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe. You open the  door through gratitude.” Wow, seems worthy of exploration! The last of the five spiritual practices that I will mention in this series is Acknowledgment. Acknowledgment is gratitude.

You could have a perfectly laid out plan for your life but it is likely you will get derailed from time to time. It is in these moments of perceived darkness that you have the opportunity to choose which road you want to take, one that will leave you a victim or one that will empower you and allow you freedom. Yes, you can be grateful for the “bad.” It often leads you magical places that you never knew exited before and sometimes even greater that you imagined.

There are some simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your life including  making a written list and adding three new things daily, writing on your mirror so you see it daily, wearing a bracelet with a reminder, or simply at bed time or at meal times and especially with your children. You can also do a “joy jar” where you write down joyful moments as they occur throughout the year and then for New Year’s read through them. You may be surprised at how many experiences you have to be grateful for :)! You can even be grateful for things you have not received!

Being grateful means being mindful. This is one of my favorite topics! I will be writing in-depth on this soon! Rudolph Steiner’s “Soul Exercises” is one of the best ways I have seen to become aware of your thoughts, words, and actions making gratitude flow. You can also create your own daily intention, meditate on it, and ask that you be mindful of the intention throughout the day creating purpose to your daily life.

Today I am grateful for clarity, conscious evolution, healthy children, trust, and freedom.

Many Blessings to you all.

Amy S McCae

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