Ready, Set, Action

Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude and now Action…

This one comes easily for me. I am list making, busy body that feels accomplished and satisfied when I cross things off of my “to do” list.  I even have “make a list for…” on my to do list often. Over the years I have learned that this has not always served me in ways I planned. In fact, I found with Acceptance that surrender allowed me to be in state of receiving (How can you receive if you are always doing and giving???) and that required Awareness and much practice of self-awareness. (See how all of the steps link together 🙂 ?)

Action is really what you are “willing” to do to achieve a specific outcome. Success depends on how committed you are and commitment is often determined by passion.  You are the most powerful, creative, confident, and successful when what you think, speak, and act all line up AND when your thinking, speaking, and acting is congruent with your core values. (Set up a free Discovery Session and receive a link to a Core Values Worksheet) SIGN UP

I am going to give you a few steps to help you gain clarity and get you moving.

First, label each of the following from 1-10




Marriage/Signifiant other

Social Life

Next, choose the one with the lowest number, confirm it is a core value from your Core Values self-awareness worksheet, and then set the goal and action steps.

For example, if you have been slacking on your fitness and nutrition and it is rated a 3 then it may be time to take a deeper look. You may choose to set a goal that you will reduce body  fat to 21% by August 1, 2016. You would choose steps that would set you up for success such as working out three times a week and eliminating sugar.

If you desire a relationship but you have not had a date in 100 years then an ideal goal may be have tea with a man of interest in the next 3 months. The action plan may include finding new groups to associate with both personally and professionally so that you can find that man of interest.

Lastly, be open to possibilities. Sometimes what is waiting for us is even better than what we planned. Also, remember to be true to you and to you and to do what you love. Make time for friends, fun, and for nurturing your spirit.

Many Blessings to you.


Amy S McCae

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