Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment and not passing judgment on them.You live your greatest life when you think, speak, and act from this point.  There is a silence and in that silence there is a space that exists where all possibilities lies. Tara Brach (Ph.D, psychologist, and teacher) says;” Mindfulness is a pause-the space between stimulus and response:that’s where choice lies.”

When you are mindful you have an understanding of yourself, those around you, and know what options you have. You make decisions that are inline with your core values, you honor and respect yourself and others, and you create an environment that supports peace and happiness. You live with purpose and passion.

Being mindful means that you pay attention to your intention. What do you really want? What really makes you happy? What do you have to think, speak, and do to get there? Make the mundane and ordinary come to life with being intentional. Intend to be happy, intend to play, intend to be free.

Meditation is one of the best ways to bring greater awareness and mindfulness to your daily life. Even if for a brief moment, before you begin your day, you choose to set an intention, spend some time with it, and recall it periodically through out the day, you would discover how your actions, perceptions , and relationships transform.

Certainly worth trying :).



Amy McCae

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