Just Breath

Ever feel weighted down or like you are drowning?

JUST BREATH!divers-668777_1920

Right now, stop. Now feel your breath as it gently pushes through your body causing your chest and belly to rise and fall. Feels much better to be present and conscious of what you are doing doesn’t it?

Paying attention to even one breath is mindful and a great way to start meditating. Meditation is just a heightened state of focused attention. Practicing meditation will allow you to live more mindfully with less stress and with clarity, focus, ease, and grace instead. Being mindful during the day means you can take each moment as it comes without feeling like you are weighted down or drowning.

There are countless ways to meditate or be mindful and countless benefits to practicing. There is even scientific proof of substantial brain changes that occur during meditation and then as a result of practicing, all to your benefit :)! The practices and benefits are entire posts on their own so… I am exited to share all those amazing details with you soon!

For today, let’s just remember to breath. Breath mindfully, intently, peacefully, and consciously. Breath for life and breath for living. Just remember to breath one breath at a time one moment at a time.


Amy S McCae


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