Keep it Simple Stupid

When I was in school I had a basketball coach that had a play plan that he referred to as KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid. I don’t believe he thought we were dumb. He was teaching us that keeping it simple would lead to successful out comes.

Being mindful in your daily life does not have to be difficult. There are some simple steps and practices that you can easily begin to use today. For example, I found this wonderful artistic reminder on Pixaby. Notice the words and the energy they carry. So simple, yet so powerful. Just reading them you are reminded of the things you need to do to be mindful.

Another example is”Excellence in Love;” a program I designed to create authentic relationships. The five steps of Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude, Action, and Acknowledgment are designed for introspection and for mindful living. To learn a little more read my FREE GUIDE


Take one breath paying attention to how your body feels

Imagine sending relaxation from the top of your head to your feet

Sit with your arms crossed with one hand on each knee

Set one intention for each day of the week

Choose a no media day or even just for an evening

Use your 5 senses when eating

You don’t have to choose to do all of these, just start with one simple step!

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Have a beautiful and mindful day!


Amy McCae