Heavily Meditated: Neuroscience of Meditation



Check out my new shirt! On sale at Target and made by Peaceful Warrior, how could I refuse? Meditation is the one thing I can count on to bring me peace. Not only does it bring me peace but it helps my body and spirit heal and it also allows me to tap into my intuition in astonishing ways.

Honestly, I have always had a fascination with brain function. When I was only 10, while all the other girls wanted to be models and teachers, I wanted to be a “brain” surgeon. In high school I wanted to be an anesthesiologist  Although I never became a doctor, I never lost my curiosity for the power of the mind. My curiosity would lead me to fascinating studies. Those studies would lead me to meditation.

The benefits of meditation include; increased vitality and confidence, better clarity as well as increased attention, memory, and emotional intelligence all while decreasing depression, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, and even improve relationships, increase success rates, achieving goals easier, as well as feelings of peace and happiness. AND SO MUCH MORE check out 100 benefits here:  WOW!!!

Here is how it works:

During the day you spend much of your waking hours with your brain waves in Beta, which is a higher frequency. This allows you to easily use the left hemisphere of the brain which supports logic, reason, time, and space. This is helpful for day-to-day tasks. When you meditate your brain frequencies lower to alpha or theta where there is no time or space and you can tap into your creative and intuitive aspects associated with using the right side of your brain. Children’s brain frequencies are lower until about age 8 or so. This is why you can tell them anything and they believe you. Why do you think they beleive in Santa until then?

Meditation changes your brain. It is rest and exercise for your brain :)!  (An organ you want to be functioning at its best, right?).  Those who meditate have more gray matter which affects memory and decision-making. The amygdala, which is responsible for how we effectively deal with stress, shrinks with meditation. Check out this scientific study for the details  HARVARD NEUROSURGEON  There are countless studies that prove how beneficial meditation is to your health and life.

Meditation does not have to be difficult. If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. There are countless ways to meditate. You just have to begin. If thoughts come to you just release them and bring your attention back to your focus. Try one or two of these to get started:

-Sit with a candle for three minutes and try to keep your eyes open

-Choose a mantra such “I am” ( I personally love Sanskrit)

-Focus on your breath

-Sit in nature and listen to the sound

-Walk in a circle over and over

-Listen to guided cd’s or relaxing music

It’s a meditation practice, not meditation perfection so don’t worry about if you are doing it correctly, just do it.

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Many Blessings to you.


Amy McCae