Mindful Living and Living Your Values


How often have you spent the day  feeling overwhelmed, aimlessly running hoping to check a few boxes off your “to do” list? Are you aware of the things you see, the people you meet, or even your own thoughts and feelings? Do you remember what makes you happy? If you are aware of your values and live in the present moment you don’t have to ask these questions. You will know that you are living authentically, you will feel empowered, and you will be successful, happy, healthy, and confident.

Core Values are deeply held beliefs that govern your actions and even your behavior. Your sense of self, your identity, and how you view and respond to the world are all dictated by your core values. Often you are not aware of them and yet you can be reacting to people, places, and events based off subconscious beliefs and values causing unnecessary trouble and drama. When you align your core values with what you think, speak, and do you live a life filled with propose and passion.

There are numerous ways to begin to discover your core values. This link CORE VALUES will take you to a list of over 400 descriptive words. Read through the list, choose the ones that mean the most to you, and then spend a week narrowing it down to five. Those five will be deal breakers for you in relationships of all kinds, will support you in your personal and professional success and even affect your health. Those five core values are what you love, represent, and honor. They will reveal the truth of who you are, what you need, and the choices and behaviors you will need to embrace.

Being mindful is simply being aware of your thoughts and emotions in the present moment without passing judgment on them. There is a silence and that in silence there is a space where all possibilities lie. Tara Brach, Ph. D, psychologist, and teacher says;”Mindfulness is a pause-the space between stimulus and response: That’s where choice lies.”When you are mindful you have an understanding of yourself, those around you, and what your choices are. You make decisions inline with your core values, you honor and respect yourself and others, and you create an environment that supports peace and happiness.

How do you practice being mindful? Pay attention to your intention. At any time you have the ability to pause before acting or making a choice to ask yourself; “What is my intention?” Then, choose your words or action based off your values and intention. There are ways for this to become a habit. One is to meditate. Any form of relaxed, focused attention for even a few minutes a day will support you in growing your ability to be mindful. There are countless benefits to meditating! Check out this website to be amazed at the benefits!!!  You can also practice an intention for each day such as Rudolph Steiner’s Exercises for the Soul which you can view here OR you could even create your own daily intentions which may look like this: Sunday; I will be mindful of playing with my children. Monday: I will be mindful of my eating habits, and so forth. Choose what matters to you, think about or meditate on it that day, and recall the importance and the intention through the day. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your actions, perceptions and even relationships transform.

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