In the End; Live Life


This is one of my absolute favorite quotes and perhaps my new motto or mantra :). I see it on Facebook often and although I can not say for sure that Buddha said this exactly, I do believe that it is close and certainly resonates with many people including Buddhists and worthy of reflection for all.

How much do you love? This is perhaps the greatest question of all time. What does it mean to love? How do you define love? Love isn’t always what you feel and think.  Love is also an action. If you don’t believe me think about your relationships and which ones are successful. Loving someone means making time for them and allowing them space when needed. It means showing expressions of kindness that may mean doing something for them or simply sitting quietly holding hands or snuggling a child. How and why you love is a topic worth of deep exploration.What does it mean to you?

How gently do you live? This may be related your relationships with others, with yourself, all the way to how you take care of the planet we live on. Are you walking this earth with peace in your heart? To be gentle means to be kind, calm, and tender. When you woke this morning were you kind to yourself? Did you feel calm or rushed? As you go about your day think of ways you can practice being a little gentler with yourself. Maybe eat a little better and buy from the farmer’s market? Meditate, nap, spend some time in nature? Find a project that you are passionate about that helps makes the world a better place for all?

How gracefully do you let go of things not meant for you? Oh…. not my strong point. But… so important. Holding on to things or people not serving you only holds you back from greater things. Forgiveness is never for the other person, it is for you. Holding on to ideas will squash your creativity and holding onto people or your ideal of them will squash your growth and limit your potential for greatness. Never let your past destroy your future. Always keep walking forward living in this moment with the people and events right now. Take some time to write about your anger or hurt. Take some time to remove energetic chords to these people and events and then fill that space with love.

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Amy S McCae

Certified Life Coach, Holistic and Spiritual Wellness Expert, Transformational Speaker