Bucket List


What you think about you bring about. My passion for neuroscience and an understanding of the creative energy of thought always leads me to exploring my world and my dreams. The proof of our thoughts and of our limiting beliefs are right in front of us if we pay attention. Today I am curious… I invite you to play with your dreams and aspirations for a while. You never know…

Many years ago I wrote a “bucket list” that I later found buried in some files I was cleaning out. Much to my surprise at the time, a number of the experiences could be checked off. I am list person. I always have a “to do” list to manage my day but recently I have been looking at my day to day life and wondering why it doesn’t include some of the things I love. I have also taught dream board classes but skipped that and skipped creating one this past year. We never know how much time we really have and at 42 I can say time sure does fly…

Here is start to my latest bucket list :)!

  1. Learn to salsa dance
  2. Travel to Europe
  3. Visit India
  4. Take a painting class
  5. Write a book or three
  6. Own a house on the ocean
  7. Visit New York
  8. Make peace with the past
  9. Create residual income
  10. Play, just play
  11. Make a difference in cancer patients and domestic violence victims lives
  12. Eat at V Mertz
  13. Love, really love with a man that really loves me (maybe get married)
  14. Learn Tantra
  15. Buy a home
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Learn a new language
  18. Visit Egypt to see pyramids
  19. Learn to play piano
  20. Be mindful and honor the beauty in all people, events, and things
  21. Learn to knit, been saying this for years…

I hope you will create your own. Your list can be small or large as you like, can have a theme, or whatever you desire. That’s a beautiful thing!

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Many Blessings to you. Namaste.

Amy S McCae