Authenticity, Vulnerability, and Emotional Intelligence

A favorite quote of mine that screams emotional intelligence and hints at what it means to be mindful…Even as simple as writing this blog I have had to pause and reconnect with my heart to remember my purpose and revise in order to stay true to myself and my intentions of doing good and helping people.

So often I see clients that are exited to take skills assessments and personality tests. While these are fantastic and I encourage them, seldom is anyone thrilled to dig deep into their emotional processes nor are they initially exited to quiet their minds and listen. In fact they often resist or avoid both because they feel vulnerable.

Emotional intelligence will lead you to being authentic but it will require you be vulnerable.

Authenticity requires knowing yourself to such a degree that it no longer shakes you to admit your flaws, your mistakes, your feelings, or any of your imperfections. You can stand in your truth with equanimity. This also means admitting and accepting the deep and dark aspects of you that you have denied exist.

Vulnerability is the much feared “dirty” word in the world of power and success. It requires a strength that few will be willing to master. However, the reality is that being vulnerable is a profound and beautiful experience that will lead you to everything you seek.

How would it feel to be passionate about your daily life, to do things you love and are naturally good at? How would it feel to have meaningful relationships and heart felt connections with people that genuinely care about you flaws and all? How would it feel to make a difference in someone’s life or in the world? Can you imagine these?

What are you doing that prevents you from these experiences?

Below are three practices that if you do them consistently have the potential to transform your life.

*Meditate!!! There is no wrong way to do this besides not doing it. The silence you will discover will lead you to answers. EVEN JUST paying attention to your breath. Your breath is wired to your nervous system!

*Practice a body scan. Sit quietly and slowly sense from the top of your head to your feet. Ask questions, be curious. your body speaks. Don’t try to fix it or judge it. Just listen.

*Get in the habit of naming the emotion you are feeling. This actually rewires your brain!

Let me know how it goes!

Sending many blessings to you,

Amy McCae

Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher AND MORE!

Amy offers Mindfulness Matters an accredited online course with or without Life Coaching to individual and corporations. She specializes in helping leaders overcome self-doubt and overwhelm so they can have clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. Amy also as offers classes and seminars and even energy work.


Amy McCae is a Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. She is passionate about healing and helping others. Amy holds numerous certifications allowing her to support individuals and organizations.

Mindfulness Matters is an accredited, neuroscience based, emotional intelligence program created for developing visionary and conscious leaders. Many leaders struggle with self-doubt and overwhelm. This course insures you gain clarity, confidence, success, and will even help improve your relationships and health!!

Amy spent her childhood dreaming of being a doctor only to watch her mother die of cancer when she was 20. Her life took an entirely different direction after that and she spent much of her 20’s sick with chronic illnesses.

One day Amy was too sick to take care of her newborn baby and she had to crawl to the phone to call for help. Amy then went on a quest to heal and looked in places she never knew existed before that day. AND she healed largely through fitness, nutrition, and meditation.

Though that experience Amy rediscovered a passion for helping others. She is committed to excellence and to making a difference in the world.

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