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As it turns out Mindful Breathing is better for you than even I thought!

Imagine a time when you had to slam on your breaks because you almost got into a car accident. What did your body do? How did you feel? You were likely aware of changes in your heart rate and breathing. Your body has an amazing ability to naturally prepare you for danger.

Day to day life comes with its own set of challenges and stresses. When you are in a stressful situation how do you manage it? Are you aware of what is going on in your body? Would you like to feel better? Better manage your stress? Free webinar “How to use Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Overwhelm”

As it turns out you can activate the Relaxation Response (state of rest that alters physical and emotional responses) by simply paying attention to your breathing. Yep… Mindful Breathing. Try it right now. Take a moment to simply notice the rise and fall of your chest, of your belly. Try this for two minutes and notice how you feel.mind

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” Amit Ray


When you experience a stressful situation your body can go into fight or flight response.  Your hypothalamus says; “Oh crap” and releases chemicals that activate your sympathetic nervous system to help you deal with a threatening situation. Then your adrenal glands release things such as adrenaline and cortisol. This triggers an increase in heart rate, breathing rate,  blood pressure AND more.

The Vagus Nerve controls the parasympathetic nervous system which is also activated during times of stress.  This system helps the body to rest, digest, and recover. The Vagus Nerve is unfortunately overlooked but is vital to you managing your stress. However, BREATHING, Mindful Breathing (paying attention to your breath on purpose) regulates your nervous system.

If you would like to learn more check out this FREE webinar

How to use Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Overwhelm

Sending you all the joy, peace, and LOVE you can imagine and more,

Amy McCae

Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Amy specializes in helping leaders overcome self-doubt and overwhelm so they can have clarity, confidence, and peace of mind for better health, relationships, and success. She offers Mindfulness Matters an accredited online course with or without Life Coaching to individuals and corporations. Amy also offers Life Coaching packages, classes, presentations, and seminars as well as several types of energetic healing.

Mindfulness Matters is an accredited, neuroscience based, emotional intelligence program created for developing visionary and conscious leaders. Many leaders struggle with self-doubt and overwhelm. This course insures you gain clarity, confidence, success, and will even help improve your relationships and health!!

Amy spent her childhood dreaming of being a doctor only to watch her mother die of cancer when she was 20. Her life took an entirely different direction after that and she spent much of her 20’s sick with chronic illnesses.