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Happy Summer Solstice!

In this article you will find links to why meditation matters in the work place as well as ways to access meditations for free!!!

Check out these fantastic articles on the benefits of meditation in the work place!

One of my favorite testimonials came from Steve. He was brilliant man working in Omaha at Stratcom on a military contract. 

“Amy McCae is a dedicated professional, but she is much more that. She has a great spirit that comes through immediately when you meet her from her tremendous positive energy.

I came to her with what seemed like a very difficult problem without a solution. She showed me how to focus on the positive, and not on all the things that take me in a negative direction. I was able to figure out what I really wanted and then a plan to get there.

Amy has a wide range of knowledge and experience. She gave me several meditation techniques that have helped me considerably. She is very intuitive and understands what will help me specifically. She personalizes techniques so that they will be the greatest benefit.

One of the most important things I appreciate about Amy is that she is genuinely concerned about helping me. Her passion is rare, and I feel lucky to have met her.”

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FREE MEDITATIONS (I am not an app fan but… people seem to to love these and if it gets you meditating…)

Insight Meditation- FREE APP

HeadSpace- FREE APP

Mindfulness Exercises – My teacher and coach

Just google them and see where they lead you!

Currently my services include Mindfulness and Meditation Training, Life Coaching, Seminars and Trainings, and Energy Healing/Balancing. 

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