Don’t Manage, Monitor Your Mind. MIND HACK.

About thirteen years ago I took my first “meditation” class, The Silva Life System. The course was originally called “Silva Mind Training.” During the initial weekend I kept having thoughts. I expressed my frustration to Father Justin, the instructor. He replied; “Well, Amy, I have been teaching this for forty years and I still have thoughts. It is not that you have thoughts that is the problem, it is what you do with them.”

Over the years since that initial class I have returned to retake the class, participated in the advanced courses, taken other courses related to the mind, and developed a deep a passion for mindfulness and am now certified to teach.

The simple observation of your thoughts without judgement loosens the hold you think they have on you. The practice of noticing without getting attached to your thoughts brings peace. The understanding that you are not your thoughts is eye opening. You do not have to manage or control your mind, you just need nonjudgemental awareness. You need to practice mindfulness. 

Here is your mind hack tool:
I spent quite a few hours in a sales class last week. Day four was on Mindset. I had to journal about my negative feelings and thoughts on sales and where those ideas came from. Then, I had to come up with a transition statement for when I was having those thoughts. I have done this before but never for sales. WOW… 

Try it out for yourself. Choose an area in your life that you are not happy with or something you avoid. What is the story your mind tells you? Why? What is  phrase you can use that help you switch gears just enough to believe something else?

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