ANXIETY?!?! 3 tips to gain perspective and peace of mind.

Anxiety is the result of not being in the present moment.

General feelings of being anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed often occur when your mind is occupied by feelings of past regrets and/or concerns for the future. If you can bring your attention to the present moment you will gain perspective and peace of mind. 

From my experience there are three traits that people feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed exhibit:

*Troubled Thinking- Your thinking needs rethought. You are unaware of the subconscious beliefs that may hold you back. You try to control people, places, and events. You blame time, other people, or circumstances.
***Stop. Breath. Recharge. Gain Clarity. ***

*Questionable E.Q.- You have forgotten who you are and pay little attention to how you feel. Your ability to make conscious decisions that impact your health, relationships, your success, and even your level of confidence are directly related to your level of emotional intelligence. ***Learn Mindful Emotions (Affect Labeling)***

*Shaky Self-Worth- Imposter Syndrome is term used to describe people that struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism, lack of self-worth and more despite success. Men suffer as well, it just takes longer to get them to admit it. 
*** Do something KIND for YOU. Daily. ***

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Amy McCae
Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher