New Years Resolutions: Do you have what it takes?

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” Robin Sharma

The last day of 2019 is here! The end of the year and the end of a decade are the perfect time to reflect. Did you accomplish what you set out to this year? What were you doing ten years ago?

As a coach my job is to help you gain clarity and confidence allowing happiness and peace of mind. (All the while improving your relationships, wellness, and success).

There are many avenues to success as well as different perceptions and ideas on what success means. There are some specific traits that can be of help. (See below). And then there is notion that having someone (Life and Executive Coaches) validate you, hold you accountable, ask the right questions, and provide the proper resources and training leads to success.

Some of the most successful people in the world hire coaches to support them. A study conducted by the International Coaches Federation found the following:

99% Working with a coach was rewarding

96% Would do it again

65% Helped their work performance

80% Improved their confidence

When it comes to traits, I have witnessed those who are successful are willing, committed, and decisive.

Willingness is the ability to learn new ideas and accept change. You must be able to process new ideas as well as implement new strategies. This means being vulnerable, resilient, creative, and open-minded.

Commitment comes when you are truly passionate about something. People that set goals because they think they are suppose to will eventually fail in staying committed. When you believe in something and the end result matters to you then you will do whatever it takes.

Decisiveness means you have the ability to make effective decisions. This requires confidence. You won’t be sitting around wondering “what if.” You can evaluate a situation and take the lead in choosing the next steps. You know and you consciously and confidently choose.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the support you need?

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Wishing you your best year yet!

Amy McCae

Life and Executive Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Holistic Wellness Expert.