The Power and Science of Intention and Manifestation

A little insight on goal setting from a Life Coach and Energy Healer…

Have you ever been thinking about someone and then they called you? You know athletes use their minds for better outcomes, right? Believe it or not there is science that can explain this and you can use it for good in your own life.
The Universe is made up of energy particles. These particles are vibrating and the speed at which they do so determines the identity. Thoughts and feelings, although often and typically unseen, also have a frequency. When your intentions and heart loving feelings become coherent you change your vibration and align naturally with your dreams. (Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza)
The first book I ever read on Quantum Physics was “The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart.  I had been having experiences that were not of this world and the book insured I me I was not crazy; in fact I was quite sane. Understanding consciousness and possibilities is key to knowing your own power in setting intentions and manifestation. Ms. McTaggart does experiments that will blow your mind.
The Heart Math Institute also does some amazing studies proving your heart actually knows before your brain. For example when a subject is shown images that affect heart rate the person’s heart rate changes before their eyes even see the image! Joseph Chilton Pearce suggests in “The Heart Mind Matrix” that this connection between your heart and brain begins in utero where the neural tube eventually transforms into the heart in your chest. Your heart knows.
There is actually quite a bit more going on but even with these simple ideas you begin to see that your thoughts and feelings matter. THIS is why I Coach. THIS is why I teach Vision Board classes full of personal growth tools. THIS is why I teach mindfulness and emotional intelligence. THIS is why I do energy healing. 
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Amy McCae
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