Mindful Relationships in Business

Relationships skills are vital for success, happiness and a peace of mind. Purpose, passion, and responsibility are vital to any industry leader and to any organization being sustainable. People are the most sustainable resource.

Below is a list of Mindful Relationships based questions. These were developed during my Life Coaching training merely by accident. They are a testament to the creative, intuitive, resourceful process of even “practicing” coaching.

You can go through this list of “Corporate Competencies” and answer the questions. Then, go back and answer the questions as you see your organization or your team. 

1.Core Values

*Do you have them? Do you use them? Are they spoken about regularly? What’s the strategy for implementing? Does everyone agree? What does your company really value?

2. Cause

*Why do you care? Why do your partners care? What makes you want to do your job? What makes your employees or colleagues want to work? What does your company seek to achieve? Why? 

3. Community

* Do you have friends at work? Are there wellness events? Are there continuing education opportunities? Are there social functions you can attend? Are meetings handled effectively? 

4. Connection

* How connected to resources is your corporation? Are your resourceful? Are you networking? Social Media? How are you staying in touch with life outside of work?

5. Clarity

*Do you understand your position and where you intend to go? Does your manager or team as well? Do you have goals and plans set? Are you achieving your goals? Why or why not?

6. Contribution

* What do you bring to the company intentionally? What education or skill set do utilize? In what ways do you help the people you work with? In what ways can you make your employees jobs better?

7. Creativity

*What new advancements has your business made? What new ideas have you come up with? Do you have time to be creative? Is there a brainstorming process? Are people receptive to new ideas? How can you insure you and your colleagues have the space and time to become visionaries? What do you need to do so?

8. Commitment 

*Are you really committed to the job? The industry? The company? The title of your position? The people? What do you do that expresses your commitment?  What does commitment mean to you?

9. Communication

*Do you hear your boss? Do you validate your colleagues? Do you express yourself appropriately? Are you listening to reply or understand?

Take the time to answer honestly and reflect on what you need, desire, and value so that you can communicate, be validated, and improve all of your relationships.

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Amy McCae

Corporate Wellness Trainer. Life Coach. Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Intuitive Energy Healer.