Mindfulness Matters


Are you feeling tired, unhappy, unhealthy, overwhelmed, and stressed with daily life?

Are you a doctor, industry leader, or socially conscious leader that feels lost, stuck, or discouraged in this world?

Allow me to support you. I will provide the tools, encouragement, and resources you need to transform your life as well as impact the lives of others.

Rooted in science Mindfulness Matters is an accredited, life changing, eye-opening 8 week online course along with Life Coaching that was INFLUENCED by the “Search Inside Yourself “emotional intelligence program developed at Google.

This course focuses on intentional and authentic living through mindfulness based practices that develop emotional intelligence, confidence, and peace of mind to improve health, relationships, and success.

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*8 Week Online Course and 8 Coaching Sessions

*Sessions are 60-90 minutes via Zoom with easy online scheduling

*All science and evidence based/proven material

*Numerous Worksheets and resources

*Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

*Increase health, happiness and peace of mind

*Gain clarity, confidence, and self-awareness

*Practice more creative and visionary thinking

*Boost health, vitality, and emotional intelligence

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Thank you,

Amy McCae

Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher