FREE Meditation Resources

Happy Summer Solstice! In this article you will find links to why meditation matters in the work place as well as ways to access meditations for free!!! Check out these fantastic articles on the benefits of meditation in the work place! One of my favorite testimonials came from Steve. He was brilliant man... Continue Reading →

Too Busy to Meditate? Take the two minute challenge!

This is something I hear often...  What if I told you that even two minutes of mindfulness can help you recenter and recharge? If you are too busy scroll down to get right to the challenge. Mindfulness means to pay attention on purpose in a particular without passing judgment. It means to be in the... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Values.

Last week my family and I celebrated 97 years of a life well lived. My grandfather was an example of how to live a good life and in your own way. He was a simple man but his actions and way of life seemingly accidentally taught me honesty, loyalty, integrity, and the value of hard... Continue Reading →

Gratitude a Side Effect of Mindfulness?

While studying with Mindful Schools of California I learned that there are nine aspects of well-being that are developed through pre-frontal cortex stimulation like that which occurs during mindfulness meditation practices. The 10th is thought to be gratitude! Essentially when you get focused, relax, and allow your mind to be at ease you have access... Continue Reading →

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