Feeling Fat and Fluffy? Mindful Fitness Solutions

Do you workout because you don't like what your body looks like or do you do it so you can see just how amazing it really and so you can honor what it needs? With swimsuit season just around the corner body image is a hot topic. Who doesn't want to look good and feel... Continue Reading →


Reduce Overwhelm Now (FREE TRAINING)

As it turns out Mindful Breathing is better for you than even I thought! Imagine a time when you had to slam on your breaks because you almost got into a car accident. What did your body do? How did you feel? You were likely aware of changes in your heart rate and breathing. Your... Continue Reading →

Too Busy to Pay Attention?

"Practice the Pause" is a common phrase in practicing mindfulness. This quiet moment is space of empowerment. It is where your ego and its incessant desire to control can take a back seat AND instead you are blessed with being gracefully and intuitively guided. The answers you seek are there if you simply become quiet... Continue Reading →

Time Does NOT Heal all Wounds

Not for one second do I believe that "time heals all wounds." This catchy, all too often used phrase, intended to pacify someone in pain simply isn't always true. True healing requires truth not time; truth about who you really are, truth about how you feel, truth about your relationships, and truth about your choices.... Continue Reading →

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