Stress Relief THIS WAY

Holiday season... This beautiful time of the year brings with it some challenges. More money, more time, more work, crazy family, and more events scheduled on the calendar can all be a recipe for disaster and feeling stressed. I am confident you understand what I mean. However... What if I told you that at any... Continue Reading →


Mindful Relationships

Christmas 2015 at my dad's house :). I love my family! Oh... holiday season. The time of the year when we are reminded to be grateful, joyful, and of the dynamics of our family relationships. I believe people are in our lives for a reason. I don't believe in accidents. I believe that if you... Continue Reading →

Election 2016

As the 2016 presedential election remains an emotionally charged situation, I have wondered how I can create some good. I can not say either candidate had my attention, I won't say that a two party system makes sense to me, and I certainly do not agree with the way the candidates or some of their... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

What you think about you bring about. My passion for neuroscience and an understanding of the creative energy of thought always leads me to exploring my world and my dreams. The proof of our thoughts and of our limiting beliefs are right in front of us if we pay attention. Today I am curious... I... Continue Reading →

In the End; Live Life

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes and perhaps my new motto or mantra :). I see it on Facebook often and although I can not say for sure that Buddha said this exactly, I do believe that it is close and certainly resonates with many people including Buddhists and worthy of reflection for... Continue Reading →

Mindful Living and Living Your Values

When you are mindful you have an understanding of yourself, those around you, and what your choices are. You make decisions inline with your core values, you honor and respect yourself and others, and you create an environment that supports peace and happiness.

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