Overcoming Racism and Hate. Finding Peace…

You don't fight for peace, you peace for peace. This week I am facing a challenging and painful situation where my white, 7 year old daughter was tormented and called a racists by multiple classmates. (She doesn't even know what that means). My daughter was also blamed for something she didn't even say. No child... Continue Reading →


Too Busy to Pay Attention?

"Practice the Pause" is a common phrase in practicing mindfulness. This quiet moment is space of empowerment. It is where your ego and its incessant desire to control can take a back seat AND instead you are blessed with being gracefully and intuitively guided. The answers you seek are there if you simply become quiet... Continue Reading →

Time Does NOT Heal all Wounds

Not for one second do I believe that "time heals all wounds." This catchy, all too often used phrase, intended to pacify someone in pain simply isn't always true. True healing requires truth not time; truth about who you really are, truth about how you feel, truth about your relationships, and truth about your choices.... Continue Reading →


Too often I think we overlook the value of simply being kind. We live in a world where busyness and outcomes often rank supreme to everything. No wonder so may suffer from self-worth issues. Imagine for as moment a time when you were hard on yourself? How about a co-worker or boss? Spouse? Child? Would... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons: 14 Things I Now Know…

I am forever amazed at life's possibilities. The vast array of colorful experiences that create memories that offer you the opportunity for growth. I sit here this morning contemplating what I have learned in 44 years... Perfectionism is over rated. It's just a shield. AND there is no such thing anyway. Actions speak louder than... Continue Reading →

Control Freak or Anxiety Ridden?

I'm not bossy and I'm not a control freak. I just have better ideas than you. Sometimes when people appear to be bossy or controlling there is more to the story... As child I remember being meticulous about things being in order. My clothes in my closet faced a certain direction and were hung colored... Continue Reading →

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