Election 2016


As the 2016 presedential election remains an emotionally charged situation, I have wondered how I can create some good. I can not say either candidate had my attention, I won’t say that a two party system makes sense to me, and I certainly do not agree with the way the candidates or some of their supporters behave, nor can I make sense of how corrupt the system seems to be at times.

I believe in human rights. I should have the right to choose my health care. I should not be forced to vaccinate because pharmacuetical companies have paid for research that I can rebute and prove is wrong and not in my best interest or my children’s. Isn’t that a little fishy anyway? I have the right to choose based off my own experience and 1000s of years of other modalities of successful healing. And so do you.

I believe in peace. You do not fight for peace, you peace for peace. (Love this Facebook post!) How many times have we created war and did nothing but destroy lives and fund failures with the money our goverment demanded. The “war” on drugs? Failed… I find peace by going within. I meditate, I practice mindfulness. I desire to raise consciousness through deep conversations which bring awareness and through action that brings change. You can too. In fact if we all do then we will create a better world.

I believe in self-empowerment. All of these peope throwing tantrums about who won the election; they act worse than our politicians. Where is the self-respect? Where is the motivation to transform? At any given point you can choose to not act like an idiot and make a conscious decision to make a difference. A positive difference. And it begins with you, not your government.

How? Find out what you are passionate about. I no longer ask my children what they want to be when they grow up. I ask them what they love, I ask them how they can change the world. If you could do what you love and can make the world a better place then that’s what you need to do. Need to. Just do it.

Today more than ever our world, our earth, our children need us to take a stand. We need to make conscious decisons that create the world we believe we should live in. Choose something today that you can do that positivley impacts the world. It doesn’t even need to be big. Random small acts of kindness or gratitude lead to profound change.

And that is the one thing we can be sure this election proved, we desire change. Transformation sometimes requires what appears as destruction. There are systems and organizations that no longer serve the greater good. This may appear as destruction and that things are only getting worse, but can you be sure? Imagine a phoenix and how it rises from the ashes, destroyed by fire, but tranformed beautifully.

If you do your part and you believe that greater things are yet to come then that is what you will receive. Believe and act on the passion that you were born with, use it for good and transform the world. I’ll be here doing my part 🙂 AND thank you!

Many Blessings,

Amy  S McCae