Is Ignorance Bliss?

Several months ago I suggested my husband, Jim, go see a chiropractor for his continual pain.  The doctor suggested x-rays as well as an appointment to discuss the results. Jim was not happy with me.  He really did not want to “waste time” listening to what was wrong with him. He knew he would feel better simply being adjusted so “why couldn’t he just do that.”

Hmmmm. I wondered if Jim was on to something?  Is ignorance bliss? In my world, I tend to believe that thoughts create reality. This is my understanding of how the world works. It make sense to me on every level. What you think about, you bring about, right? Well, if you weren’t thinking about all the things wrong with you and someone brings those problems into your awareness does that mean that you will begin to think about these new health concerns and therefore create these new problems? Or does it mean that because you have an awareness that now you can choose to change the situation?

I posed this question to those attending the monthly meeting I host, “Evolving Minds.” I figured if anyone had thoughts on if ignorance was bliss this was the group.  I was glad I asked because it seems, at least in this group, awareness is key.  Awareness is one of five spiritual principles I have been known to teach so… It would not be a good day if it was brought into my awareness that I was clueless on this topic. I do think there are times when you do not need to know details. The situation with my husband is a good example.  If you feel adamantly about not knowing some things then perhaps that is your intuition directing you to what is best for you and you may just want to listen.

Now, the subject of awareness came up again recently on FaceBook.  The topic was vaccinations. This can be a rather hot topic with me since my oldest daughter really suffered and if it wasn’t for all the natural things I did afterwards she may very well have never functioned. The reason I get so frustrated is the people in this country and their lack of awareness. I am always amazed that people will tell me how effective vaccinations are, state research to prove it, and that they are confident they are safe. Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen a list of ingredients? Straight from The Center for Disease Control     Read it. Makes my blood boil.

I can not even begin to figure out how injecting such toxins could be beneficial!!! There is plenty of research to say vaccinations not only fail, but are dangerous. You are trusting a system of health care that is dominated by pharmaceutical companies. You are trusting a system of health care that has only been around roughly 125 years.  You are trusting  a system of health care that a few years back ranked 47th of 50 countries in quality of care, but ranked number 1 in cost. You are trusting a system of healthcare that will tell you that you must vaccinate (inject your child with toxins) to enroll them in school and you don’t. You are trusting a system of health care without being aware of all the facts as well as all of your options.

Now, if you have all of the facts, and you choose to vaccinate that is your choice.  I suggest that you always get all of the facts, and not just on healthcare.  Perhaps I am just a curious cat, but I question things, people, and ideas. I want to know. I want to be aware. I want to be able to make an educated, well-educated, confident choice based off facts found in numerous place. I want to know all I can and uncover all I can to help others do the same. Awareness. Awareness is key to creating a healthy and happy life.

Amy S McCae

Wellness and Lifestyle Coach


Who Defines Health Care?

Sadness overwhelmed me when I heard the news that our government was going to tax me if I did not pay for the health care they have decided is in my best interest. Shock would be an understatement. Now I understand the need for change. I understand the need for people to receive help and treatment. And I most definitely understand the need to have the right to choose a system of health care.

A decade ago I was a very sick woman. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I was having strange reactions to everything I came in contact with. My bladder issues alone were a part time job. I went through 9 Urologists and not one helped me. 9 Urologists! The medical system failed me. I made the choice to leave all that I knew behind (and trust me I was ridiculed and people thought I was loony) BUT I healed. I am an incredibly healthy woman now. I am healthy because I chose to leave what this country refers to as “health care” and educate myself on wellness.

The process of educating myself empowered me. I learned the history of health care in this country as well as other country’s systems of health care. The system we use is really rather new and in my opinion it could be considered a very big science experiment. I learned that there are other way to heal and many have been around for thousands of years. Drugs and surgery are not the only options.

You should have the right to know that there are other systems available. Unfortunately, when the government gets involved healing becomes a political bunch of crap. I am concerned that with laws requiring a specific type of health care that people won’t be able to access other forms of care because they will already be paying for health insurance and be taxed if they don’t pay for what the government defines as “health care.”

Health care, in my definition, includes preventative measures. Preventative does not mean “early detection” to me. Sure there are situation when that may be helpful but that hasn’t prevented what could be prevented with lifestyle changes and with education. Health care should create wellness. Wellness comes from taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Health care includes whatever feels good for you as an individual.

Insurance companies, physicians, and the government need to change. They need to have realistic costs, they need be educated on the other preventative measures as well as other forms of health care, and they need make sure we have the right to choose without being punished. Health care reform should include redefining health care to a system that supports an individual in creating wellness though education and options of care that is affordable to all.

I am grateful for healing. I am grateful that I am so stubborn that I kept looking for answers. I am grateful that I am able to share all that I have learned about healing and help people change their lives. To learn more about my story visit